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Anise Fir Needle Sea Weed Soap w/ Loofah on A Rope

Anise Fir Needle Sea Weed Soap w/ Loofah on A Rope




    Fir Needle Essential Oil:

    To improve respiratory conditions. The fresh, clean smell is excellent defense against body odor. It also decreases the amount of bacteria that can lead to foul body odor. For its aromatherapy benefits: calming and re-energizing.


    Anise Essential Oil:

    help loosen mucous or phlegm in the lungs and make a cough more productive. Anise oil is also helpful to ease breathing for those suffering with asthma.



    Coconut Oil

    Avocado Oil

    Olive Pomace Oil

    Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Oil (Both are from Sustainable Palm Oil source, RSPO)

    Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter

    Fir Needle Essential Oil

    Anise Essential Oil

    Raspberry Seed Oil (Vashon grown and mde)

    Organic Cocoa Powder & Bentonite Clay (for color)

    Sodium lactate (from plants) 

    Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH)

    Distilled Water


    Each bar of soap is hand-cut, and weighs approximately 4 oz.






    If you have problem with the product please contact me, let me know what's the problem and we can start to solve the problem from there, either arrange refund or exchange if it is necessary .


    * shipping fee = $ 3

    * 1 business handling day.

    * USPS first-class package service retail.

    * buyer pay the shipping. 

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