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Due to the extensive variety of my soaps, I couldn't
update them all in time on my website. Therefore, I invite you to
visit me in person at the market to explore my diverse range of scents, colors, and new designs firsthand!

About Lin's Vegan Soap.

Lin booth 1.jpg
Lin's Vegan Soap is a one-woman business started in 2018. 

Lin's first batch of soap was a natural laundry soap for her new born son! 

Lin’s Vegan Soap offers a variety of fun artisan hand and body soaps, shampoos, conditioners, dish wash paste, face wash, and shaving soaps - all crafted in solid form to promote sustainable cleanliness by eliminating plastic packaging. Lin’s products are enriched with locally sourced Raspberry Seed Oil, Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, and nature’s wonder: Soap Nut and Loofah, provides extra care for your skin and hair.

At the heart of Lin's business lies a commitment to fun, sustainable and affordable cleaning practices! 

Vending @ Vashon Farmers Market.

Photo by Robin Mallory. 2023

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